What Do You Get if You Mix…

What do you get if you mix a design guru with a dragon and a bunch of passionate, obsessive individuals?

With her creative energy, Peter’s other half Tara is really the heart of the brand; making her the perfect person to spearhead Truly and create, produce and deliver beautiful products that make life easier.

While you may know Peter as the hard-nosed cheeky dragon, we know him fondly as our modern-day Superman. Like a real-life superhero, Peter is a phenomenal entrepreneur who knows how to build a business from the ground up.

Forging a career in your twenties

“Choices. Life’s full of them. Some right, some wrong but perhaps the biggest choice ultimately comes down to choosing your career path. By 17 we’ve already decided if we’re going to University or not, what we’re studying and most importantly where the cheapest student pub is. Before you know it, three years have passed, and you’re thrust into the real world with a paper degree and false sense of confidence. Daunting doesn’t cover it.”