3 Ways To Style Our Cashmere Robe

Coco Chanel once wisely said; “No man can make you feel safe, like a cashmere coat and a pair of black glasses” and we couldn’t agree more. We have a beautiful range of cashmere products especially for you, but if we had to pick our favourite, the Cashmere Robe would come up trumps. With its super-soft feel and timeless design, whatever the season, our Cashmere Robe is Truly versatile.

The Spring Chicken

Our cashmere robe is perfect for throwing over a pair of silk pyjamas or a lace bralette. Be warned, once these two are paired together, it makes a delightfully cosy combination that you’ll never want to get out of. Totally perfect for your lazy weekend! 

Black and white image of model wearing a grey cashmere robe and leather tote bag.

The Lounger

Don’t forget, cashmere isn’t just for winter, the soft, lightweight material is Truly ideal for layering up on those slightly chilly mornings. Complete your transitional Spring look with a delicate silk cami.

The Double-Up

Don’t be afraid to double up on the cashmere especially when it’s so delightfully soft. We Truly adore our burgundy crew sweater with the Cashmere Robe over the top, styled with a pair of cigarette trousers. It’s the perfect look to keep you cosy.

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