Sailing Through Hump Day

No one likes a Wednesday, the last weekend seems so long ago and next weekend is still so painfully far away; not to mention that 9 o clock meeting that’s ALWAYS scheduled for a Wednesday morning. But worry not, our tried and tested tips will get you through hump day one way or the other.

Plan an evening activity

Whether it’s catching up with the girls for a few G&T’s or opting for a relaxing night in on your own, having something to look forward to at the end of the dreaded hump day will make the day seem a lot more bearable. For a Truly relaxing night, try using our bath powder to help you unwind.

Treat yourself to a tasty home cooked meal

Sometimes we all need some comfort food after a long hard day and while cooking may not seem like the most fun activity, whack on some music, pick a tasty dish and put some love into your cooking. We promise, the meal will be worth the hardship! Take a look at our Food and Drink page for delicious inspiration!

Get out of the office

Agreed, we do mention this one a lot but only because we believe it really helps. If you can, take 20 minutes out of your lunch break and head out for a walk, whether it’s into your local town, in the countryside or just to your nearest coffee shop – you’ll feel ready and raring to go when you get back to the office.

Organise your work environment

Granted, we’re sometimes not the tidiest of offices, in our defence, we are constantly surrounded by products! But occasionally it’s best to take some time out of your day and do a bit of a clear up! Not only does it kill time but you’ll feel more productive with a tidy desk.

Cheers to the weekend

Before you know it, the weekend will be upon us so use your midweek hump day as an opportunity to plan something fun. Whether it’s visiting family or refusing to leave your bed, that perfect weekend plan will keep you going through the rest of the week.