A Ghoulishly Good Plan

Call us crazy, but we’re actually a little bit more excited about Halloween than we are about Christmas. Just a tiny bit. Firstly, there are no gifts to think about which frees up approximately 87% of our time. Secondly (and most importantly), it’s a ready-made excuse to get crafty with pumpkins, concoct innovative new ways to scare our kids and dig out sluttier-than-usual costumes to wear to Halloween parties free from judgement.

Before we throw on our fishnet stockings and kitten ears though, let’s talk game plans. Ours looks like this:


This year, Halloween’s on a Thursday so this is the night your kids will want to drag you round the houses trick or treating (if they’re that kinda age). Sort out their cozzies early, rumour has it popular kids’ choices this year include: mini Daenerys Targaryen, Power Rangers, minions, Frida Kahlo (just add floral headband and fashion a unibrow with an eyebrow pencil) and, of course, Elsa. Will there ever be a Halloween when Elsa isn’t on the list?

Friday 1st November

Book yourself a babysitter because the Friday closest to Halloween is always when the grown-up parties happen. A few ideas for your outfit this year: Harley Quinn, Morticia Addams, Captain Marvel, Fleabag (Hot Priest optional) and Aunt Pol from Peaky Blinders. If all else fails, you can always throw on a red cape and go full Handmaid’s Tale. Praise be.

Saturday 2nd November

Recovery time. Parties take their toll on us these days so keep the following night free for a little R&R. Throw on your PJs, download Hocus Pocus and have a restorative evening eating your way through your kids’ trick or treat haul.