“A room without books, is like a body without a soul.” – Cicero

I love books, there is nothing better than getting immersed in a new book and being gripped from the start. However, since boxsets have taken over, we all talk about the best thing to watch on TV. So I decided to go old school and compile a list of books that I have recently read and some I am looking forward to reading.

Just read:

Grown Ups by Marian Keyes

I needed an easy reading, entertaining book that I could take away on a family skiing holiday, and this didn’t disappoint. Based on a large Irish family and the dynamics within, along with some deeper issues and family politics that need to be resolved. This book was really enjoyable and what I love about Marian Keyes’s writing is that she makes her characters so identifiable. From the entrepreneurial Jessie who has created a business and is now unsure as to how to keep it relevant. To her husband Johnny, the enigmatic friendlier face of the business, who feels slightly outside of all the comings and goings and is exhausted by Jessie’s sheer energy. Then add all their children, siblings and parent dramas that make up a large family, written with humour and empathy it was just what I needed.

Currently reading:

A Prison Diary Vol I, II, III, by Jeffrey Archer,

I am really enjoying this trilogy and have currently nearly finished volume II. Volume I gives you a glimpse into what Jeffrey felt after he was sent to Belmarsh, what he learned and what characters taught him. Including how to make life easier for himself, the people that he should be wary of and why they are in prison. Also how the prison system is failing them. Volume II takes him to Wayland, a category C prison with a slightly less terrifying clientele. Although to begin with it seems almost worse than Belmarsh. I am hoping that the rest of the book and Volume III, will cover more information about his trial, and the long term impact that it has had on his and his family’s life and how such a life shattering occurrence has changed his outlook.

Looking forward to reading:

The Silent Wife by Karin Slaughter

Like my movies I love a book that’s a thriller, and so this one seems to fit the brief quite well. Based in Atlanta Georgia, an investigator looks into a brutal attack where a woman is left for dead. The MO is identical to one of a prisoner in the state penitentiary, who is seeing time for the identical crime. It seems reinvestigating the original crime will help solve this heinous attack. I will let you know how it goes…

Wind down…

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