All About Silk

What Kind Of Silk Do We Use?

We’re often asked what our beautiful silk pyjamas and silk nightwear are made of. For the record, it’s pure 16mm (momme) silk satin.

What the heck is Momme Silk?

This is the term used to describe the weight of silk thread. The heavier the weight, the higher quantity of silk used to produce the thread, more dense and therefore better quality. Many High street brands use 14 momme, but ours is 16 momme: at Truly we’ve worked hard to develop luxurious product and give you the best quality available. This means our silk is more durable, as lower weights are more prone to tearing and damage.

…and what is Mulberry Silk?

For many centuries Mulberry leaves have been used to make the strongest, most super-soft silk. Mulberry silk is the best quality, as it is 100% natural, odourless and hypoallergenic (it contains a protein called Sericin which reduces the possibility of a reaction to the fabric) so it will feel gentle, and silky soft against your skin.

What does our Silk Fabric feel like?

Our plain silk PJs and nightwear have the softest sand wash finish with a sueded, more matt surface and drapes beautifully. Sand wash is a natural garment washing process, resulting in a softer fabric that is more wrinkle resistant. Our Silk Camisole and Silk Chemise are both designed and finished with a beautiful eyelash lace trimming, that elegantly falls against the skin.

Why Truly silk?

Well, did we tell you it’s the best quality! We’ve worked closely with a specialist silk partner to bring you the most luxurious, beautifully made product. Silk is a naturally slippery fabric and our nominated factory has years of experience making garments with the best finish possible. We’ve also concentrated on the most flattering fit that will ensure you’re slinking around the house in the most fabulous way possible. Oh yeah, and don’t limit yourself to lounging: they’re pretty good for wearing out, too. See our ‘How to’ guide here:

How to care for your silk?

Silk stays more pristine if you hand wash in cool or cold water. Use a specialist detergent or a small drop of baby shampoo. Rinse well and lay flat to dry. Silk can go in the gentlest wash in the machine, but we wouldn’t recommend it: if you really must then ensure you keep on a low spin setting.

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