Quick Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Valentine’s Day, whether on your own, with friends or the love of your life, it’s definitely worth whipping up this gorgeous Chocolate Mousse. We know that wining and dining can be a minefield, so whether you are an accomplished cook, its your first time or you are trying to fit it in between taking the kids to different activities, this recipe is the perfect choice. Despite the effortlessness, it’s still oh-so luxurious and seriously chocolatey

Surviving The Monday Morning Gloom

It’s Monday morning and you have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as if you’re about to fall from a scary height, yet in reality, it’s your alarm going off to wake you up for work. We all have mornings where we’d rather stay in bed, especially a Monday morning where you have to adjust your mindset from maximum chilling to professional adult with responsibilities. Sometimes, we all need a bit of support to see us through the struggle, so here are some ways to help you start enjoying your day.