The Bath and Beauty Collection

Discover the beauty behind our fragrances for your home and your body. All of our Truly bath and beauty products have been carefully created using natural oils and ingredients* which are designed to elevate your evening bath time ritual. Turn your bath time into that well-deserved luxury experience with our Foaming Bath and Shower Oils, Bath Powders, Dry Body Oils and beautifully Scented Candles. Read all about our range and discover the scent for you…


The Truly Day Range awakens your body’s own natural energy, with notes of eucalyptus, lavender, mint and geranium, which stimulates your senses and create a clear open space. Choose from the milky Foaming Bath Powder that creates a soft creamy bath foam, Foaming Bath and Shower Oil for added moisturisation, Dry Body Oil and the Day Candle, which is beautifully Green and Herbal. 


Take a moment to unwind with a gentle blend of clary sage, chamomile and lavender, sweet orange, patchouli and coriander. The Truly Night Range features Foaming Bath and Shower Oil, Foaming Bath Powder, Dry Body Oil, Night Spray and Night Candle. With a traditional twist on spa ingredients, the Night Range helps you to create that calming environment you deserve, and it’s perfect as part of your wind-down routine before bedtime, the scents is a delicious Herbal and Floral.


The Truly No.1 Bath and Beauty Collection is reminiscent of fresh morning walks through the countryside. With a heady fragrance of fresh red roses, blackcurrant leaves, green berries, moss and juicy ripe cassis, the Foaming Bath and Shower Oil creates a gentle foam and our Milky Foaming Bath Powder is full of moisturisation and natural oils. The No.1 Range also includes Dry Body Oil and scented Candle which smells Fruity and Green.


Our Baby Collection is delicately scented with Lilac, Rose, Freesia and creamy Vanilla which creates a soft and gentle powdery scent that is reminiscent of nurturing times with your baby. Take your pick from the Foaming Bath and Shower Oil, Dry Body Oil and Baby Candle which is powdery, floral and all natural.


Truly No.2 is a fragrance full of dark berries, black plum, clove, cinnamon and mahogany whilst being encased in amber and creamy vanilla. Foaming Bath and Shower Oil, Bath Powder, Dry Body Oil and Candle, has scents of Incense & Vanilla. The No.2 range takes you on a dark sultry escape that is both Oriental and Spicy and the perfect unisex scent.

‘Each of us should practise self-care, if not daily then at least once a week, there is no better feeling than getting into a luxuriously warm foamy bath, with the aroma of your favourite candle filling the air and setting that warm and cosy ambience.’

*Truly products are free fromParabens, SLS/SLES, Silicones, MPG, Phthalate, GMOs, PEGs, DEA and TEA.