Why do you believe we all need a bit more Truly in our lives/ why did you want the job?

The first thing that really attracted me to Truly is that fact that they are a company with their values firmly in place, they care about creating designed, quality products and their community. There is real thought behind everything they create and their approach to business which is really refreshing to see. From when I first walked through the door I got a real sense of energy and excitement for what’s to come and that is infectious. I have met a really nice and friendly bunch of people. My cup of tea!

Presuming you are currently in the job of your dreams… what drives you at work?

I love places and people that are open to nurturing ideas, positivity and creativity. I already feel a real sense of collaboration and that really inspires you to do and be your best for the team.

What’s your favourite Truly product?

That is a hard question, I like so many of the products. But the one stand out item for me has to be the Weekender Bag. I always carry everything but the kitchen sink and I normally spend hours trying to find my keys or phone or purse in larger oversized bags, (usually right at the bottom) so this bag really helps someone like me to compartmentalise and organise items really neatly and the functionality does not compromise the style and that’s rare with some travel bags. It looks sleek and stylish.

Do you have any extra-curricular hobbies/ passions? How do you relax?

I love being creative; from writing, singing, painting and I love being outdoors in the countryside, growing up in the city I really appreciate where I live now and the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside. I have just joined a local dance class to learn Salsa and ballroom. Where I live there is a local group called strictly Bicester, I went to their last competition where a friend was competing and it was so impressive and professional….so I joined, basically I just want to wear a sparkly outfit haha!

What would your last supper be?

Being part Italian and Maltese, I love my food! And it’s always been a big part of my background and large family gatherings. My mother was a fantastic cook! So I love seafood, bouillabaisse or a nice Italian-style lasagne…. Delish! For desert most likely a crème brulee.

If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go? What kind of trip would it be?

It has to be a road trip across the US. I love travelling and this is something I have always wanted to do.

Let’s talk constellations. What star sign are you? What typical traits do you have?

I am a Capricorn, which in the Zodiac is the impressive…..Sea Goat, ha-ha…. Well according to the typical traits, a Capricorn is persistent, realistic, wise, practical, logical, sensitive and hardworking……. adding to that perhaps some traits of an Aquarius, musical and at times a little eccentric …perhaps a blend of the two……a Capricornius