Christmas Advent Calendar’s

Choosing a Christmas Advent Calendar is just so difficult, there’s so many out there how do you even start to narrow it down?

Whilst we can’t physically go out and buy one for your loved ones we can highlight a few we think you’ll absolutely love.

For Him

Beer Advent Calendar

‘Not On The High Street’ have answered your prayers this year. For those who want to mix up their advent calendar this year there’s now a beer option and what’s even better is you can also personalise the box. Win! The box comes with different branded ales and lagers which is sure to put a smile on any beer lovers face.


Reese’s Chocolate Advent Calendar

For those peanut butter fans then the Reese’s Calendar is the one for them. Behind each door they’ll find a miniature cup in either creamy milk chocolate, white chocolate or stuffed with extra Reese’s Pieces… and behind Christmas Eve there may or may not be a special treat waiting.


Bristle & Smith Advent Calendar

For the beardy ones out there, this is more than just an advent calendar is essentially 12 days of pre-Christmas Day Presents. Behind each door he’ll find a variety of handy accessories that will help keep his face trim and tidy!

For Her

Mindful Advent Calendar

The festive period can be stressful, there’s just so much to do on top of the never-ending lists already which is why the Mindful Calendar from Modo Creative is perfect. A twist on the traditional advent calendar that also doubles up as the perfect excuse for a little R&R.


Space NK

It’s the calendar that should be on everyone’s wish list. Each day opens the door to another beauty favourite and what’s even better is the genies at Space NK have split it into categories: Pre-Party, Night-Out, Morning After and Everyday. This is definitely more than just an advent calendar but could be classed as a pre-Christmas present.


Fortnum and Mason’s Feasting Advent Calendar

Famous for delicious luxury goods that not only taste fantastic but also look incredible and their Advent Calendar this year is no different. 25 days of delicious treats ranging from: tea, coffee, confectionery, biscuits, preserves, condiments and alcohol. 

For The Little Ones

Cadbury Dairy Milk Calendar

Why mess with a winning formula. Is Christmas really Christmas without some Cadbury Chocolate?


Advent of Change

A fun way to give back. Everyday your little one opens a door they will see the difference they have made to many different charities so not only is this fun but it’s also a great back to teach giving back from an early age.


Lego City Advent Calendar

A present a day would definitely go down a treat. Well, with the Lego Advent Calendar that’s exactly what you get. Each day a new Lego is opened until you have a complete set on Christmas Day. Also, for the Harry Potter fans there’s a special themed calendar too!

For Your Fur Babies

For some getting your pet an advent calendar might seem excessive, for us it just seems like a laugh. So, we’ve rounded up a small selection to help you out.


If you’re after delicious treats with a health component, then Companion Calendar is for you. Each door provides little bites that also work wonders for their gums and teeth. Also… these treats help eliminate dog breath.

Cat Lovers

Lily’s Kitchen do a Cat focused Christmas themed calendar offering a mixture of Chicken and Turkey with Cranberries. An added bonus is that you can personalise the calendar to the age of your cat, their weight and also their activity level just to make sure their little treats work specially for your furry friend.

Get creative

You could opt for creating your own unique Advent Calendar for that special someone. Like this one above; using a piece of wood or perhaps some decorative rope or ribbon. Hang small gifts, wrapped and marked for each day with treats you know they would love!

With Love Truly