International Women’s Day

From family members to notable figures, in celebration of International Women’s Day, the Truly Family have chosen the women who inspire them the most in life.


As a young woman lucky enough to have grown up around wonderful and inspiring women, from family and family friends to my very own girl gang of close friends, I could never pick just one! Each one of them has inspired me and continue to do so in their own unique way. I’m constantly inspired by women doing great things in today’s world whether it’s continuing to campaign for women’s rights, owning a successful company or just living the lives we’ve made for ourselves. We’re all pretty amazing.


My most inspirational woman (other than my Mum of course!) is my mum’s mum, my Nan. She was such a strong character, aged 18 when WWII broke out, she saw her 4 younger siblings evacuated from Liverpool whilst she stayed in the city to help with the family business and mend parachutes for the war aid. She lost a young son to TB,  had crippling arthritis and yet, she was fiercely independent. Plus, she was a scouser so, of course, had a wicked sense of humour! Her strength and determination has had a big impact on my family and I.


There are so many inspirational women in my life. From friends to my family, each one is amazing and special in their own way because they have all taught me so much and helped me on my journey to become a better woman. In terms of notable figures, Frida Kahlo is a huge inspiration of mine. Her art often represents empowerment and growth which is something we all need reminding of now and again.


My inspirational woman is my Grandmother (bar my mum of course); as she was the kindest, loving & strongest woman, I have ever known. She believed that girls were just as strong as boys and could achieve anything. She pushed me ‘to be me’ and to take life seriously but to always remember to have fun.


From the Suffragettes to my sister, there are so many women who inspire me. Maya Angelou is someone who I am particularly in awe of. I first discovered her book ‘I know why the caged bird sings’ as it was chosen for my book club. Hers is a story of adversity, suffering, and dogged determination. Her strength to overcome the hardship in her life and channel this into her writing, poetry and activism is what makes her an incredible role model.

Her poem Still I Rise is so powerful and one of my favourite poems to date.