Why you believe we all need a bit more Truly in our lives…
What I loved about Truly from the off was that it was such a refreshing concept! As a brand, it just felt so broad-minded and innovative; a company prepared to think outside the box to make life easier. One of the big things that struck me was Truly’s vision to create thoughtful products for real people that really work. During my interview, I got a real sense of collaboration and saw the chance to be part of a team that works closely together on concepts to define the brand. At the same time though, the team would give me enough freedom to express myself and bring my own vision to it, which if you know me, is a dream come true. I seize every opportunity I get to be creative, and I love that I can come to work every day and do just that!

Presuming you are currently in the job of your dreams… What drives you at work?
HAHAHAHAHA! Now that is a presumption! Just kidding. Of course, Truly is the job of my dreams. I’ve worked for brands like Browns Fashion, Liberty London, Urban Outfitters and Luxdeco and still love going to work every day. The buzz never gets old, nurturing a product from concept to fruition, I love that I get to be there through that whole life cycle. Once you have an idea, you work on the look and feel of the product with a designer, who produces a product spec, which then gets sent out to a supplier to sample. So much love and care goes into each and every one of these product journeys, you feel a kind of maternal pride when you hold that newborn duvet cover in your arms, for the first time.

What’s your favourite Truly Product?
Believe it or not, I am really excited about the bedding! If I’m honest, I wasn’t really at first, (interviewer gasp), but as the designs have evolved, I literally can’t wait to fill my own home with all the different prints and styles. I LOVE to sleep. Did I mention that? It’s my favourite thing. Thinking about it, that’s why I’ve put so much into creating the perfect bedding range. I spend so much time in bed…ahem…good bedding that washes well and won’t judge you if you don’t get the iron out.

Do you have any extra-curricular hobbies/passions?  
Actually, I paint. I love painting. I do a lot of oil painting. Mostly I do abstract, then no one can tell me it’s crap. When they point out I’ve gone over the lines… I simply tell them it’s supposed to be like that!

What would your last supper be?
My favourite cuisine is Japanese, so it would probably have to be Sushi. I have made my own before, but have been banned from doing it again, I’m more than happy to just be a huge consumer going forward! I’m definitely a savoury person, although if I was going to have a sweet treat it would have to be a Tiramisu. I don’t know what it is about Tiramisu…. it’s the …well, every last bit of it! 

If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go?  What kind of trip would it be?
I really want to go to Mexico. I would love to go on a two-centre holiday to Mexico – you know a culture week in Mexico City, then hit the beach in Tulum. I’ve heard it’s amazing. I’m desperate to go. Have you been to Tulum? (Interviewer shakes head.) Oh, I don’t know. It might be rubbish. Shit, I need to do some research…. I’m putting this out there for the world to read and it might be shit!

Let’s talk constellations. What star sign are you? What typical traits do you have? 
I’m a Taurus, like half the office! What do Taureans like? Oh yes, pretty things. I LOVE beautiful things and have made a career out of creating and sourcing them. The weakness of a Taurean is being stubborn, and I definitely fill that stereotype. Shall we just call it committed? Yes, I’m very committed. I’m driving by the determination to create the perfect product, no matter how painful the process. Lucky Truly!