Why you believe we all need a bit more Truly in our lives…
My career has been working at small companies that I have had the pleasure to be part of as they have grown, so to have the opportunity to join a company that had yet to launch was an opportunity not to be missed. When a business is so small you get to wear all of the hats and it means that you get to have a go at everything, I couldn’t imagine designing the same thing day after day. Here I design clothing and homeware and have input in all things creative at Truly – I couldn’t imagine it any other way!

Truly stood out to me as a brand that was trying to do things a bit differently. We know the effect the industry has on the planet and we want to find a way to be part of the solution, rather than the problem. If we can’t do it yet, we are trying to make sure we can in the future. We also want to create things that make your life easier, and we want the quality to not be sacrificed for the price. If it isn’t different, innovative or something (we feel) you need, we won’t do it! I like that about a brand.

What’s your favourite Truly Product?
It’s way too difficult for me to pick one thing. We worked so closely on that first collection. It’s a collection I think we all hold dear as it’s a little bit of all of us in each piece and they complement the other so well. I can’t wait for the comforter and the satin stitch bedding, and of course, the silk pyjamas that will go with it, plus the cashmere socks and the lavender crew knit, the black V neck, and, and ….! The shopping list is endless!

Presuming you are currently in the job of your dreams… what drives you at work?  
You can’t design something unless you love and believe in it. It’s that drive that means you never fully switch off. I’m always thinking of how we can move on, the next development, the new trends that work for us. Seeing a product through from initial concept to end product is so exciting and something I never tire of. The best thing at Truly is that we want everyone to be part of what we create, we make sure we as a team, collaborate and share favourite products in the concept stages, and we constantly talk about how we can make each piece better.

The next phase will be understanding our customer once we start trading, I can’t wait to share with everyone what we have been up to so far and I can’t wait to develop it after hearing more from our customers.

Do you have any extra-curricular hobbies/passions? How do you relax?
I am a certified Yoga Teacher and I have recently studied restorative yoga and reiki. I practice yoga most days and couldn’t imagine my life without it, I’m a hippie at heart. I find yoga helps to keep me calm when the busy days at the office are buzzing around my head.

I’m always quite active, I love hiking with my husband and you can’t beat the British countryside no matter what the season! If I’m not walking at the weekend then I’m painting, I have a fine art background and I love creating things for friends and family, or for my own walls.

If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go? What kind of trip would it be?
My next trip is back to Vancouver, BC. Where my husband and I lived for 3 years, in fact, we got married there. But a dream trip would be to go everywhere! I would pack a bag and would travel the world, going where my heart leads me and exploring as much as I could. As a child I always questioned why people didn’t get to see the whole world in their lifetime, it’s the planet where they lived, they should have the chance to explore it all. I hope I get to one day live out my childhood dream.


What would your last supper be?
This is a tough one for me. It’s the atmosphere and who you’re sharing that food with that means more to me than the food, so I would have to say Christmas Dinner or a Sunday roast surrounded by my nearest and dearest. There is no meal I would trade for a table full of my friends and family.

Let’s talk constellations. What star sign are you? What typical traits do you have? 
I’m a Taurus. The best star sign there is! That’s such a Taurean thing to say. I would say I’m very much a Taurus – fiercely loyal, a fan of the finer things in life and persistent, I love a goal! And I’m definitely stubborn, but I see this as a good trait, I know what I want, and I go after it. I think I will call it drive rather than stubborn, sounds much nicer and not stubborn of me at all…!