Why you believe we all need a bit more Truly in our lives…

I believe that Truly really is the brand that helps to make life easier. We are part of a fast-paced electronic generation and I personally spend ages searching for anything and everything to ease my daily stress. For me, it’s this promise to be ‘helpful’ at the heart of Truly, that I’m most proud to be a part of!

Presuming you’re currently in the job of your dreams… what drivesyou at work?  

What drives me at work is being part of something I truly believe in. I believe that Truly will bring affordable daily style to our customers, and will become the brand you just can’t live without!

What’s your favourite Truly Product?

It’s so hard to choose one product! In fact, I can’t single any one product out. I love everything in the Truly Living and Truly Baby ranges!

Do you have any extra-curricular hobbies/passions? How do you relax?

I love getting together with friends in my spare time – old and new. There’s nothing better than going out for drinks or some food with old friends, only to end up making new ones in the process!

What would your last supper be?

If this was to be my last supper on earth, I’d definitely go French cuisine. For starter; Fois Gras on toast with a glass of champagne. For main; Canard au Sang with a glass of Chateau Margaux or St Emilion Grand Cru, and for dessert, a French pastry called Canele with Vanilla ice cream, a glass of Cognac and a cup of 100% Arabica dark roast coffee! Well, you did say I could choose whatever I want! 😉

If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go? What kind of trip would it be?

I would love to go to Denmark. The coastlines are simply beautiful to explore. I can think of nothing better than sitting down with a coffee and a good book by the coast around Copenhagen… just enjoying the moment. Danish architecture is also stunning!

Let’s talk constellations. What star sign are you? Do you have any typical traits? 

My star sign is Gemini. I think my most typical trait is that I’m a great communicator and listener. I love talking and listening to others. I get so much from finding out how other people think and listening to their particular life experiences. It enriches my life no end!