Why you believe we need a bit more Truly in our lives…
I was over the moon to get the job at Truly, especially after seeing just how passionate the team are about what they’re doing. The shared belief in the brand and everything it stands for is infectious, and I can’t wait to get cracking from the inside the Truly hub! One of the main things that resonated with me about Truly, is that it’s a brand with a conscience, which is sooo me, and I look forward to helping really push that side of things. Exciting times!

What’s your favourite Truly Product?
I love the weekender bag, I think it’s a perfect size, has so many amazing functionalities, and of course is seriously stylish. That one is at the top of my wish list (hint hint) and let’s not forget the constellation plates. The shiny, gold flakes are absolutely gorgeous, I’m such a magpie for anything shiny! I can’t wait for everything to come in so I can place an order and fill my flat!

Presuming you are currently in the job of your dreams… what drives you at work? 
I’ve just recently joined Truly, so at the moment, I’m working across the whole brand to get a real feel for every department, but eventually, I’d love to end up on the marketing side. I’m quite creative so to be in a team where everyone’s opinion is heard and woven into the framework, is a dream come true. What drives me, is knowing that I can really put my own little stamp on this brand and know that I helped create some of these really exciting product ranges.

Do you have any extra-curricular hobbies/passions?
I started a feminist book club just over a year ago who meet once a month. I love to read, and I really enjoy the discussions we have across a whole spectrum of subjects. I’m fully aware that a book club isn’t cool, but I don’t care! I also help run a Friday night sports and social club for Mencap, which is a charity who supports people with a learning disability. I sort of fell into that one, and I get as much from it as they do. I love art, fashion, and comedy and often spend my weekends checking out exhibitions and shows in London. All that said, my biggest passion is music – I just feel sorry for anyone that has to endure my singing voice! 

What would your last supper be?
If I had to pick a final favourite meal, I think it would have to be a curry of some description. The best one I’ve ever had was in an Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam. Deeeelicious! Also a huge fan of Japanese cuisine, so anywhere that does it well, I’m there. I initially went veggie about four years ago then over the past two years have made the transition to full vegan. I love how mainstream it’s become and that most restaurants have vegan options these days. I’m a massive foodie so that’s come as a huge relief. I initially went veggie for the animal welfare side of the argument, then I learned about the health and environmental aspect too – just watch What the Health and Cowspiracy on Netflix. It’s a complete eye-opener, and another reason I love Truly for aspiring to be ethically conscious.

If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go? What kind of trip would it be?
I love to travel and experience new cultures. I was lucky enough to go backpacking for eight months around India and SE Asia when I was younger. Of all the beautiful places I visited, one of my favourites is the Philippines; the Islands were absolutely breathtaking, and the people I met there were amazing. I love to Ski and Scuba dive so any new destination where I can do that is perfect! There is no better feeling than skiing down a mountain with gorgeous views or exploring coral reefs and shipwrecks. The next trip on my list is Malaysia – I can’t wait! 

Let’s talk constellations. What star sign are you? What typical traits do you have? 
I’m a Taurus and really into star signs. The first thing I do each morning is read my horoscope… emails can wait, I need to know how my day is going to unfold according to the stars haha! I’m definitely a true Taurean… I’m classically stubborn and I have a dominant penchant for the finer things in life. Hopefully, my desire to have and create the best will be an attribute at Truly. Well, that’s my excuse… and I’m sticking to it!