New home and a new puppy!

Are you moving into a new house and buying a new puppy? This is almost a guide of the things not to sign yourself up for over a very short period of time. They say you shouldn’t do things by half and I can hand on heart say from September to the New, Year we didn’t come up for air!

We started 2019 living in London , just the two of us in a one bedroom flat looking over the Thames. By the end of the year this had flipped on it’s head.

Jumping straight ahead to where it all started to change…

August we decided we would have the odd day out and start looking at areas outside of London. We love to go exploring so this wasn’t too outside of our norm. However this was a little different… we were looking at houses too as well as new areas to live in.

This is where you could say it all went a little hectic.

September, we put an offer in on a house, whilst I organised a surprise 30th birthday party in London for my partner. We were also away for 2 weeks on holiday following on from the offer being accepted, which meant holiday the holiday was far from relaxing.

October we spent the weeks filling in form after form. Gave in our notice on our flat, and had what felt like a million viewings. It felt like there was a hell of a lot to organise; quotes for movers, buying a second car, closing down household accounts, arranging viewings, attending home demos, booking snaggers. The list goes on!

November, we completed and moved in to our new house.

December we felt settled, and the house had quickly become home. So we decided we should add a puppy in to the mix. It was something we had talked about for probably the last 2 years, we’d go for walks along the river where we lived in London and would create our perfect home which always included a dog!

On the 21st December we drove 3 hours to pick her up and bring her home, two days later our family descended for Christmas.

Try juggling an 8 week old puppy, new sleeping habits ( she barked from 10pm to 5am), so to ensure everyone could sleep she came in to our bed for the duration.

As soon as everyone left we then had to get in to crate training and a new bed time routine. I thought that was it, we had 3 days to ourselves before work would start up again. But oh no, we ended up with a group of 7 staying with us for New Years eve.

This meant, I had 24 hours to get the house up and running to entertain, do another food shop and function off of minimal sleep.

Fast forward to January 2020

We’re calmer, our house is still a home. Sleep is getting better, our puppy is getting bigger and we survived the end of 2019, We had crammed so much in to a short period but we wouldn’t change it. We spent time with friends and family, ate and laughed along the way.

So new year, same us but a little more appreciation for everything we have.

New puppy essentials:

  • Collars/leashes
  • Bedding
  • Food/water bowls
  • Dog crate/gates
  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Grooming products
  • Blankets
  • Puppy pads (toilet training)

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