Our University Survival Guide

Whether your (not so) little one is leaving home for the first time or heading back to University for another year; send them off with a few luxuries before the ENTIRE student loan is blown in the first month…

Try not to pack the entire wardrobe, but comfy clothes are a MUST, our Hareem Joggers are great! A relaxed fit and non-crease material (because they definitely won’t be ironing) make them super easy and versatile. Don’t forget to pack some luxurious PJ’s and a dressing gown

Our Day Beauty Range is the ultimate fix for feeling refreshed and ready to go. At least, when they come and visit at the end of term, they will smell as good as the day you packed them off!

3 years is a long time, so make sure to send them off with a soft and fluffy Towel that will last after each wash. Ours make life a bit easier with a hanging loop so it won’t drop on the floor in a soggy puddle. Don’t forget the essential toiletries for those added extra home comforts.

Of course, they are going to need a bit of Stationery, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To make sure they actually remember it then opt for a Glitter Notebook, or if you’re more of a fan of the sophisticated route, the Shagreen Journal is the perfect place to store thoughts.

For catered halls, make sure to pack a couple of mugs (at least one is bound to get broken), some cutlery, a couple of bowls and plates as well as the trusty bottle opener.

It’s only traditional for your darling little cherub to get stuck with the lumpiest mattress but fear not, you can soften it up for them with some fresh bedding. Whether you’re keeping it simple or want to go floral, we have you covered! Duvets and pillows are usually provided but it’s always best to check! Don’t forget, if they are going to be living in a lively area, some earplugs are essential.

Universities are notorious with being cold, so send them off with a toasty throw. Our Reversible Constellation Throw is super soft and doubles as a blanket if they ever want to ‘study’ outside.

Being homesick is natural so pack them away some happy memories, like keepsakes and photos of the family and pets. Everyone is in the same boat for the first few days so advise them prop open the door and invite those new neighbours in.

Finally, don’t forget to pack your sense of humour and adventure, it’s a new exciting chapter of your life so enjoy every moment!