Quick and Fun Christmas Party Games

Whilst the Christmas dinner is on the go, bring the family together and keep the children entertained with quick and fun party games.

Here is our top 3 favourite Christmas party games to keep you, your family and friends entertained or to break the ice with those family members you’ve only ever managed to meet twice.

Cereal Box Game

This game is simple to set up using mainly a cereal box.

All you need

  • An empty cereal box
  • a bunch of companions 
  • your flexibility
  • a bottle of bubbles (or any chosen drink)

How to play

  • Each member of the party must pick the cereal box up using only their mouth whilst only their feet may touch the floor.
  • If any other part of their body touches the ground, they must take a sip of their bubbles (or chosen drink).
  • After one person successfully picks up the cereal box it’s time to tear off an inch from the top.
  • Carry on going till the cereal box becomes flat on the floor. Whoever manages to pick it up in the quickest time is crowned the winner.
  • See how low and merry you can get this Christmas.

Pass the Orange

What better way to get close to your family this Christmas, and quite literally you will! The rules are really quite simple and perfect if you’ve had a glass or two

All you need

An orange or quite frankly any round object will do.

How to play

  • Each member must stand in a line and pass the orange starting under the first person, whom then must continue to pass it to the next person and place it under their chin without using their hands.
  • Add a forfeit for whoever drops the orange.
  • Why not make it even more competitive and split into two teams to race against one another. A family furry that brings hours of fun.

Celebrity Heads

Become a celebrity, in your own home

All you need

Pen, paper and Sellotape (who knew it was that easy)

  • Each member must write the name of a celebrity on a small piece of paper and pass it to the left without showing the person.
  • They must place the piece of paper on their head allowing everyone but themselves to see who they are.
  • In turn each member of the party must ask a question in order to narrow down who they think they may be. Each question has to be able to be answered using yes or no.
  • If the answer to a question is answered yes than that person gets to ask another question
  • As soon as an answer to a question asked is no, it’s time to move on to the next player and wait until its your turn again. Don’t be fooled by the name of the game feel free to pick anyone you want (even themselves)