Stuck at home?

In these uncertain times we are all predominantly unsure what we should or shouldn’t do, should we stay home? carry on as usual? should we keep the kids home from school? send them in? It seems to me that whatever you decide or get advised to do, we are all at some point going to end up isolating. Therefore, we have compiled a few things that we thought may be of interest to you whilst staying at home. After all, you could use this opportunity to do something that you haven’t had the time to do before.


There are many YouTube videos that are brill for whatever form of exercise you are interested in. There are also some great apps or plans that are doing free trials that you could use. is brilliant for Yoga and pilates, is a really good platform for HIIT and more cardio workouts and if you want something a bit more fun or dance-based look up superherofitnesstv on YouTube, as she says herself it’s about the passion not how well you can dance.

If you want to update your wardrobe with some new loungewear, our Hareem joggers are perfect to throw on and pretty much do everything in, from yoga to lounging around.

Take up a new hobby

YouTube will be a font of all knowledge for this, you could use this time to learn a new instrument or take up regular practice if you have already started. Take up gardening, painting, sewing, knitting or a hobby that you have always wanted to start. As we are advised to not have large social gatherings, try joining a book club.

Silk blush pyjamas

There are a few book clubs on Instagram that we have reviewed and think are worth a join. reesesbookclub by actress Reese Witherspoon, purewowbookclub which is really good and concise giving quick rundowns of books worth looking into. Belletrist by actress Emma Roberts which has some younger more diverse suggestions.

Stay tuned…

We’ll be bringing you more ideas and easy recipes you can do from the comfort of your own home. So be sure to check back to see what’s new! Also, please stay in touch through our social channels @Truly_lifestlye, and send any ideas or suggestions that you might like to see.