Tara Talks – Our AW19 Collection

Where did the inspiration behind the AW19 collection come from?

Obviously, we have one eye on current trends, however, if I am perfectly honest it’s a brainstorming session in the office of things that we think are necessary for everyday life, and then the beautiful designs come into play with things that inspire us. Quite often someone will ignite a spark in me with a suggestion of either style or design and then we build it out from there.

How does truly keep up with evolving trends?

I don’t think that we are heavily trend-led, for us, it is more about those classic pieces that everyone needs, made as beautifully and consciously as we can.

Do you have a favourite piece?

For me, this season it has to be the Alpaca Cardigan, oooh and the Blackwatch Suit, the Crystal Gin Glasses, the pyjamas which can be worn out as well as in bed and I always come back to Truly No1 Range. Basically, the short answer should have been No.

How would you style THEM?

For the Alpaca Cardigan, whenever I want to be snuggly and warm, I wear it with a Cami and jeans, the Blackwatch Suit with a t-shirt and heels or trainers. The PJ’s: either the shirt with jeans or all as an outfit with heels. To be honest, it depends on what mood I am in when I wake up which is great because everything is meant to be so versatile.

Which piece do you think will be the most popular?

God, put me on the spot much?! We did have a poll in the office of what would be most popular and I always get it wrong!

can you sum up the collection in 3 words?

Conscious luxury with mindfulness in where and how it is going to be used or worn, basically we want to create beautiful pieces that work in any environment and make either your home or outfit effortlessly elegant.

How much does this collection differ from AW18?

I think it’s just an evolution of what our customers seem to want from us. Listening to our customer is paramount, so we have kept the quality and effortless design and evolved the styles.

The collection is designed to add to your capsule wardrobe, how important is this to you?

Fundamental! We are definitely more about things working with each other and your existing classics so that you can build on your style not start again. An essential part of our design process is for our products to last and work together and not be disposable after one season.

What top 5 items should every woman have in their wardrobe?

All the classics, a Blazer that can be worn as a suit or with jeans, a flattering pair of Black Trousers, a Leather Biker Jacket, a versatile Jumper that can be comfy and elegant and finally treat yourself to a pair of Silk Pyjamas.

As Christmas approaches, are there any key gifting pieces that stand out to you?

On my Christmas list this year are the Striped Pyjamas and Alpaca Cardigan, I am planning on wearing the shirt and jeans with the cardigan on Christmas day and the loungewear set for Boxing Day…. Are you listening Mr Jones?

Our silk collection has expanded to include classic and designed-in-house prints, why did you want to grow this collection?

This has been led by our customer as it seems to be a well sought-after piece. That being said, I love being comfy and the Silk Pyjamas are just brilliant and so versatile. We have specifically designed them to either be worn all together as a suit, the shirt with jeans or the trousers and our slouchy Midnight Rollneck, it’s all so divine.

Which celebrity would you love to see wearing Truly?

All of them.