Ten Easy Ways To Refresh Your Home For Spring

By Journalist and Interiors Editor, Pip McCormac

You might say I’m optimistic, but I’m calling it. Spring is on its way – it was definitely light when I got up early the other morning – and that means the days are getting longer and the mood is getting softer and thoughts are getting warmer as we turn, like flower heads, to the sunshine on its way. Of course, the other reason I’m so sure the seasons are changing is because Spring is a state of mind, and one that starts at home. There are little deco touches you can add that make your house feel lighter, that make your life feel brighter. Start with a light declutter – you want surfaces to be relatively clear so what sunlight there is slanting through the windows can make it through the whole house. Then think about the objects you’re leaving out on display – their surfaces are important. Clear glass allows for that sunlight to refract, to be almost crystallised and enhanced, while glossy white finishes bounce the rays around the room. And then there is scent. While summer flowers are a long way off, a fresh candle smelling like a meadow is as good as throwing windows wide open on a languid June day, a holistic approach to decorating that satisfies the senses. So here is my pick of the accessories from Truly that will help you make a simple Spring refresh, that will help lighten spirits, a taste of the new season to come. 

Embroidered Housewife Pillowcase, £27

There is little more joyful in life than new bed linen, and this pure cotton pillow is bordered by an elegant pattern that speaks of long, lazy mornings. Pair with a sunny bunch of tulips on the bedside table.

Cotton Towel, from £10

I’m always drawn to a waffle print – in bedding, on a dressing gown or on a towel – as it just feels so nice in your hands, so crisp and cosseting at the same time. This set of fluffy cotton towels is edged in waffling, at once soft and strong. 

No 1 Candle, £20

Shagreen photo frame, from £22 

You can spend double – even triple or quadruple – on a scented candle and not have one that smells this pretty. A summer-fresh blend of moss and wild berries, with that lemony underscent that only comes from fresh roses and transports me to my grandmother’s garden, this is incredibly delicate, and incredible value for money.

Edged in gold, this beautifully textured frame provides a little glint of luxury, a modern shine in an otherwise pared back palette.

Glass Hurricane, from £90

An art deco blend of brass and fluted glass, this hurricane lamp is as chic empty as it is housing a flickering candle. Group the medium and tall one together in front of a fireplace, on an open shelf or in the centre of the dining table.

 Glass Dome with lights, from £30

Pom Pom serving platter, £35

We all have those little dark corners that require a bit of extra illumination, and this glass dome is just twinkly enough to bring a soft glow where it’s needed most.

The sort of serving dish you can leave out on display, place a couple of pillar candles of differing height in the middle for an instant table centrepiece.

Fluted crystal vase, from £25

I’ve become a massive faux flower convert. Advances in technology mean their petals are so delicately dyed, so real looking. The best way of displaying them is in clear glass – the fact they don’t need water means you won’t get unsightly tide marks – allowing sunlight to shine through them into the rest of the house.

Ceramic jug, £30

Fountain pen, £15

Tall, slim and refined, the angular shape of this jug makes it the ideal vessel to hold a big bunch of blooms, the blowsier the better. Cloud-like petals contrast with the jug’s sharp corners beautifully.

A new season is as good a time as any to embrace that back to school vibe, and this smart gold fountain pen will have the same effect on your handwriting as crisp white sheets do on your sleep – make the whole activity seem like an occasion, imbuing a feeling of affordable luxuriousness.