We’re going into Hibernation Mode…

Cancel everything! Shut The Front Door! Don’t know about you, but we’re planning on spending the foreseeable future indoors, tucked away from the world. If you have no choice but to venture out your front door, here’s our 5-point plan for surviving the cold and dark British evenings.

Be prepared

Make sure you’ve got the online food shop in, remembering those all-important carb-loaded snacks, hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Warm up and soak away the stress

When you finally make it home after that long, dark commute, immerse yourself in a hot bath with our Truly Night Bath Powder and pop on the Truly Night Candle. Our Night range boasts a gentle blend of clary sage, chamomile, lavender, sweet orange, patchouli and coriander – perfect for a little down time.

Cosy up with our gorgeous Winter knits

Embrace the Winter season, practice your luxe-lounging and wrap up in our Cashmere V and Crew: so snuggly they’ll be your favourite Not-Going-Out top. Pair them with our Cashmere Jogger for the ultimate sofa surfing, or try our pure Yak Hoodie and Jogger for the ultimate cosy co-ord. And, if Him Indoors won’t let you turn the heating up then add our Cashmere Beanie, Scarf and Gloves.

Build your sofa-den

Hunker down for an evening on the sofa with Netflix and your BFF (best furry friend), surrounded by our sumptuous velvet cushions. Hide away under our Constellation Throw: made of recycled cotton and incredibly warm. Don’t forget your shearling rug and faux fur covered hot water bottle, and make sure you’ve got those snacks to hand.

Retreat to bed

Finally, if you can tear yourself away from your nest and cashmere bundle, head to bed in our pure silk Midnight Star Polka print PJs. Layer up with our pure cashmere robe and add a spritz of our Truly Night Spray. In addition, you’re more likely to sleep well if you have a heavier weight cover on your bed, so curl up under our pure cotton Satin-Stitch bedding and Velvet Eiderdown.

If only we could find a solution to the alarm going off in the morning… never mind. Before you know it’ll be the weekend/Christmas/March (we live in hope!).

With Love Truly