How to make a Gorgeous Wreath

Getting Started

Wreaths can be used all year round as table centre pieces or for hanging on a door. They don’t have to be expensive or cost you any more than the base. Here is our guide on how to make a gorgeous wreath.

Dry The Flowers

I collect all the foliage from my garden. Throughout the summer, I pick and dry Hydrangea heads and any other interesting flowers and plants which are suitable for drying. Wrap them in soft tissue paper and store in a cardboard box or cupboard drawer in a cool dry place. To avoid excess movement and touch, it’s best to label each box so you remember what you’ve stored where.

Soak The Circular Oasis

For this wreath I’ve used a circular oasis which needs to be thoroughly soaked before you start. Attach strong twine to the oasis to hang your wreath.

Add Outer Edge Foliage

Start by adding the foliage to the outer edge of the oasis. For this wreath, I have used mainly Olive branches building up layers and then adding in some Christmas Box and Rosemary to cover the oasis. Remember to cover the inner circle as well with smaller foliage

Taking Shape

Check the shape of the wreath as you are building up the layers to make sure you create the circular shape. For the top layer, I have added dried and fresh Hydrangeas, Old man’s beard and Camelia. But the choice is yours depending on the look and colours and flowers you prefer to work with. Build the shape you need and go round adding and reviewing as you go.


To finish off, I added some pheasant feathers. However, you can use any foliage, plants or flowers that you like e.g. conifer, fir tree, ivy, roses.  For a Christmas and festive wreath, I add berries and fresh white roses.


Spray the wreath regular with water to keep fresh and replace any foliage or flowers as necessary to keep it looking top tip.

Mixing it up

Don’t be afraid to experiment maybe even trying something other than an Oasis. You could wrap around a wooden hanging piece created and painted by you with your favourite colour.

These wreaths and swags were made 3 months ago and still look great! It goes to show with just a few moments and a spritz you can have your home looking wonderful all year round with these pretty little accessories.

by Julia Maslin @juliasheep2609

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