Your Autumn Bedroom Transition

Getting your bedroom ready for Autumn isn’t to just about nice interiors, it’s more about creating that comfy, intimate feeling that just exudes tranquillity. Read on to see some of our favourite Autumnal suggestions that are sure to ease those Summer blues…

Captivated by Candles

The start of Autumn can mean less and less natural light and with it being colder outside, creating that warm and cosy feeling can be difficult. But fear not, we have the perfect solution for you… candles and lots of them. The addition of a Scented Candle is the answer to transforming your bedroom into the warm haven that will relax you in seconds.

For those that want to take it a step further, placing your candle into a Glass Hurricane or our Constellation Votive is the perfect way to combine cosiness with style.

Loving Layers

One of the easiest and most fun ways to transition your bedroom for the colder months is to layer. Whether it’s through the addition of a Constellation Throw or a decorative Shearling Cushion, both are perfect for getting your bedroom ready for Autumn.

The Constellation Throw is not only gorgeous but gives you two looks in one. We are all about timeless style that easily will fit into your life, and being able to flip the Reversible Throw over for a totally new look is something we are totally here for!

You can’t go wrong by decorating your bed with cushions, the only downside is stopping yourself from diving back into your freshly made sanctuary is a challenge.

Craving Cashmere

Hands down, one of our favourite things about Autumn is it finally becoming cold enough to pull out the cashmere! Grab your cosy Fairisle Socks or wrap up in a Cashmere Robe to create a feeling of warmth and peace.

Sumptuous Silk Pyjamas

There are few better feelings than reaching an acceptable time of the day to melt into Silk PJ heaven, although we would definitely wear them to work if we could. The sumptuous pyjamas come in classic Blush and Black and are sure to become a wardrobe staple. Say goodbye to sleepless nights by slipping into a peaceful slumber; life before our cosy and effortlessly stylish Silk Pyjamas will soon become a distant memory.

Heavenly Hot Chocolate

Let’s set the scene: you’ve just escaped the somewhat unpredictable Autumn weather, you’ve had a long day and just want to unwind and relax. What could be better than turning on Netflix or opening a good book, lighting your favourite candle, wrapping up in a pair of gorgeous Silk Pyjamas and snuggling up with a nice, warm Mug of hot chocolate?

Somehow hot chocolate has the power to completely transform those days that need just that extra bit of TLC and just take you away to a state of bliss.